Eco Retreat Odisha, Konark

A festival welcoming the beauty hidden in the unexplored Odisha. A celebration of the mesmeric sea. A revelry of nature’s bounties.

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‘India’s Best Kept Secret’


Odisha Tourism

When we say, “India’s Best Kept Secret” we talk about the untouched greenery, breathtaking scenics while reconnecting with nature and have a rejuvenating feeling on the nature trails. Odisha is blessed with vast stretches of pristine jungles, so put on your trekking shoes and immerse yourself in the magic of the woods.

There’s something about Odisha that sets it apart from the rest. Odisha takes you on a journey of ambrosial food, transports you to the land of the divine, its culture echoes the past but resonates with the current generation at the same time. Its wildlife manifests itself in its full glory, the monuments on this land whisper untold tales of Kalinga architecture, its beaches wash long-forgotten memories up the shores only to create new waves of thrills.

Celebrate the cultures, traditions and serenity within ruins of Konark’s heritage.

Odisha Tourism brings to you a series of month-long festivities complemented with luxurious accommodation facilities. Eco Retreat, Konark is set within the beauty of the idyllic Ramachandi Beach.
Among India’s most eagerly awaited tourism festivals, the Eco Retreat, Konark is set against the idyllic Ramchandi Beach, where it offers the best of glamping, adventure, art and food experience, apart from the treasure trove that Odisha has to offer.

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